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29 Sep


Venice has always been considered a unique city . In no other city in the world you can see houses and Gothic buildings that seem to literally suspended above the water . Inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage , visit the lagoon city becomes an obligation for those who enjoy the artistic and historical.
25 Sep


A small Venice ancient history , this is Chioggia , resting on the Adriatic , and crossed by canals crossed by bridges . It is the very structure of the city to be an architectural masterpiece , it is suspended between land and sea , with its unusual herringbone , almost echoing its marine vocation.
25 Sep


A journey between past and present , between the history, traditions and art : this is Padua . A city rich in beauty , like the restored Palazzo della Ragione and Loggia dei Carraresi , evidence of the ancient splendor of the Carraresi ; the Scrovegni Chapel with its precious cycle of frescoes by Giotto.
3 Dec


Treviso is a city to visit in any season , with the slow pace of those who want to savor every corner , discover original views , breathe the peaceful city life . The heart of the city and meeting place of Treviso is Piazza dei Signori with its Palace of the fourteenth century and the elegant Loggia dei Cavalieri.  
2 Dec


Due to its location on the hills north of Treviso, Asolo is often referred to as the “Pearl of Treviso” or the “city of a hundred horizons”. Many artists, writers, actors and heads of state used and still use the small country as a source of inspiration and relaxation.
12 Nov


Jesolo, a renowned seaside resort of the Northern Adriatic, is appreciated by Italian and foreign tourists to the quality of the long beach, the liveliness of its nightlife and the many fun opportunities offered by the location of events, theme parks, sports activities, shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Its accommodation facilities, comfortable and cozy, round off the offerings for tourism in Jesolo.

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